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Potential Novel/Short Story Ideas

I have been working on a couple of really interesting, but fairly incomplete projects for the past few weeks. Nothing is at a point where I can sing its praises publically. As a result, I haven’t been writing much, beyond my own personal notes and journaling. I want to change that. Here are a number of ideas that I could turn in to novels or short stories.

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The Internet Of Things

There is this idea that, in the near future all the bits and bobs we own will be connected to the internet at some capcity. They’ll all share data back and forth, and everything will be great and no one will get spied on.

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A Game of Penny Dreadfuls

Recently, I’ve been chipping away (slowly, but steadily) at an idea for a tabletop game that has taken root in my brain. Over a period of two weeks, I took the game from an idea that wouldn’t leave me alone, through to a complete rulebook and a set of generic 3D printed models. Since receiving my first batch of 3D prints, I have overseen just over a dozen playthroughs, and I’m currently working to improve the game’s balance and increase startup speed.

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Beacon 23

Last night, while having dinner with a friend, I was reminded of the excellent Beacon 23 by Hugh Howey which was originally serialized over a period of several months. The was the first book of Hugh Howey’s that I’ve read. I was introduced to it by Warren Ellis’ newsletter Orbital Operations.

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