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A Game of Penny Dreadfuls

Posted: April 11, 2016

Recently, I’ve been chipping away (slowly, but steadily) at an idea for a tabletop game that has taken root in my brain. Over a period of two weeks, I took the game from an idea that wouldn’t leave me alone, through to a complete rulebook and a set of generic 3D printed models. Since receiving my first batch of 3D prints, I have overseen just over a dozen playthroughs, and I’m currently working to improve the game’s balance and increase startup speed.

The finished game will be called A Game of Penny Dreadfuls and will initially feature characters drawn from victorian popular fiction. Eventually, the game will expand to include other horror, crime, and pulp characters through the 1920s.

The game is a fairly straightforward tabletop strategy game, that is played on a hexagonal grid, using small figures. The goal is to have a leaner, more simplified format than many other tabletop strategy games, without reducing the challenges presented, or the potential for finesse. I’m super excited to see this game coming to light, and I can’t wait to get other folks playing it.

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