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Life and Work in 2018

I’m moving! We’re still working out the exact details on when and where, but it’s pretty certain that it’s going to happen sometime in 2018! This is exciting! But it’s also pretty scary. Over the last few days I’ve talked through a lot of our plans for the future over on Mastodon and here I’d like to summarize the key points and takeaways from that discussion.

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A Radio Link to the Past

Recently, I set up an Internet Radio Station featuring music from Archive.Org’s Great 78 project. While putting that together, it occured to me that a few of my relatives would absolutely adore a way to experience this music, but the quirks of media streaming seem to have left most of them behind. So, for the Holidays this year, I decided to make some Radios. Well, not Radios, but something Radio adjacent. A little box that endlessly loops through 5000+ songs from Archive.org’s Great 78 Project, while being simple enough for even the least technologically inclined members of my family to figure it out.

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