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A Hi-Fi Digital Audio Player for Your Home Stereo

I am building a home stereo digital media player. Specifically, a small, sleek box with two wires coming out of it that I can sit next to my turntable, and plug in to my amp. It will have wifi, and will work as a dlna/UPnP receiver, so that I can cast music to it from my media server using my phone, a laptop, a desktop, or a tablet.

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Net Neutrality, The Consolidation of American Media, and you.

Here is the situation. Disney now owns the majority of Fox’s assets, making them the single largest owner and supplier and controller of english language pop-culture anywhere in the world. Rupert Murdoch is now the largest shareholder at Disney. Rupert Murdoch is, IMO, the reason Trump was elected. The Trump administration has removed Net Neutrality protections. This is their latest victim, after destroying many banking consumer protections, and allowing airlines to lie about, or refuse to disclose, the baggage costs.

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DIY Media

Comcast (through merger with GE/NBC/Universal), Viacom, Disney (who now controls most of Newscorp/Fox’s media), CBS, and Time Warner currently control 90% of American media. This media oligopoly is more dangerous than we often give it credit for. These five companies exert incredible power over our modern political landscape. (They are responsible for things like the DMCA, and the TPP, EME, and today’s Net Neutrality decision, in addition to our ever increasing copyright terms.)

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