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Document Your Art: The Ace of Cups

Posted: January 15, 2018

50 Years ago, The Ace of Cups were the next big thing. But instead of releasing an album, they had kids and stopped making music. They didn’t Document and Archive their art. They were an empty space in music history. Thankfully they are getting a second chance.

From Wikipedia:

The Ace of Cups made their debut in the early spring of 1967. In late June, Jimi Hendrix invited the band to open for him at a free concert in Golden Gate Park. In London that December, Hendrix told Melody Maker about some of the “groovy sounds” he had heard that year, “like this girl group, Ace of Cups, who write their own songs and the lead guitarist is hell, really great”.

They opened for a who’s who of the claifornia rock scene. And then, Nothing. Empty space. And now they are in the 70s and they are cutting their First album.

This is a Very happy ending to what could have been another sad footnote in the history of American music.

Release your art. Document your art.

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