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Announcing 研究 戦隊 ポッドキャスト レンジャー - Kenkyuu Sentai Podcast Rangers

As part of my quest to make a living producing media, archiving media, and building tools to produce and archive media I’m proud to announce a new show! 研究 戦隊 ポッドキャスト レンジャー or Kenkyuu Sentai Podcast Rangers is a twice monthly podcast featuring myself, my oldest friend, and a rotating cast of supporting anchors, discussing Super Sentai, Power Rangers, and the process of turning one in to the other. The first episode is out now.

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Our Monthly/bi-weekly/quarterly/yearly podcast Expedition Sasquatch has just released a new episode! It’s Episode Number 13. We’ve been producing this show since early 2019, and releasing episodes since June of 2019. That’s an average of one episode every four months, although in reality it’s actually 4 episodes in 2019, no episodes in 2020, 3 episodes in 2021, and 6 episodes of 2022. We’re aiming to release an episode every two weeks for the forseeable future. Check it out:

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The Grim Future of Youtube

The short version: Corporate sponsored video sharing platforms are always going to disappoint you, so try something else. Today, the something else that I’m offering is Community Media Video, this is paid peertube hosting with 10GB for storage for $15/year. What follows: a discussion of the way youtube is bad, and will likely continue to get worse.

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