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Making Toys

For the last several weeks, as we wait on the final clearance to open the Ellijay Makerspace, I have been making toys. We’re 3D printing original characters in resin using an elegoo mars, and then making a latex mold and casting duplicates in resin. Everything gets packaged in original cardbacks, made with recycled chipboard and resealable bubbles. You can see some of the toys we’ve made so far, at least the ones that are currently available for purchase, on Mountain Town Toys.

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Peertube Video Roundup

Peertube is an open source, decentralized, federated alternative to youtube and twitch. You can upload videos to any peertube instance, and subscribe to accounts from most other instances. You can also live stream. This is really cool, and a great place to find some DIY Media.

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Space Patrol - The World Beyond The Moon - Made for TV Movie

This is a Fun one! A made-for-tv Feature Film comprised of 3 episodes of Space Patrol from 1954. (see bellow for the full details on the episodes.) This kind of thing was pretty common in the 60s, with Rocky Jones Space Ranger receiving this treatment several times, but I’ve never seen it done for Space Patrol.

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Shouting into The Void - Coming this fall

Shouting into the Void is a sitcom from the folks at Ellijay Makerspace about various deep space explorers, charged with building an intergalactic communications network, in a universe that has forgotten about them. They’re alone, they’re barely holding it together, and they’ve been abandoned. It’s a light comedy about a dark subject. Watch the trailer bellow.

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