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Public Domain Music - The Prohibition Years

Posted: January 1, 2024

To celebrate public domain day, here’s a new album from Analog Revolution featuring new recordings of public domain music by the incomparable Doctor Deathray and public domain recordings by their original artists of some of the essential sides of the early 1920s.

It’s available pay-what-you-want download or reasonably priced on cassette and CD. It comes with a zine (digital and physical.) In it, you’ll find biographical information, historical fact, conjecture, entertainment, illustration, education, diversion, and occasionally delusion. The album starts in 1914, and winds its way up through the newest material to enter the American public domain. The album and zine cover an exciting, vital time in the history of recorded music, a transitional time when new forms of expression were taking shape, and the seeds of modern American music were planted.

Revolting Music.jpg

Collected by Andrew Roach and Violet Hunter for Analog Revolution Records and Mountain Town Industries.

I had a blast putting this together, and I think it came out pretty well. I hope you enjoy it.



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