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I’m moving to Washington, DC or there abouts. I’m officially looking for work in the district. (or, I guess, in Baltimore? Or in Silver Spring?) I’m excited, and more than a little terrified. Full details below.

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A story you can shuffle: The Family Arcana

I’m not sure where I first encountered The Family Arcana, but the idea is wonderful. It’s a deck of cards, each of them has a vignette telling a portion of a story about a strange family, and their decrepit farmhouse. You shuffle the cards, and experience the story as it unfolds in a new, random order.

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Warren Ellis' Blackcross (Project Superpowers)

There are a few consistent themes through my blog posts. I love the writing of Warren Ellis, I love things from the Public Domain, and I’m a consistent fan of creative remixes. I’ve just finished reading a graphic novel that managed to tick all of those boxes. Blackcross by Warren Ellis tells the tale of a kind of cosmic exorcist (the American Spirit) on the trail of the ghosts of several golden age comic book figures, most notably The Black Terror, who have posessed the inhabitants of a small town.

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New Hanna Barbera Comics?

While picking up a copy of the Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency comic I noticed this absolutely fantastic poster for an upcoming DC comic featuring characters from Hanna Barbera. I’m excited to see what they do with this. [Pictured Here: The Herculoids, The Impossibles, Frankenstien Jr, Birdman, Space Ghost (and company), The Galaxy Trio, Johny Quest, and the Mighty Mightor]

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Where is my Flying Car?

The Jetson’s promised us flying cars. Henry Ford was convinced we’d see them in his lifetime. Where are they? Well, they’re here. They’ve been here since the 40s. They’re not even spectacularly dangerous or unreliable. Ready to learn more? (You know you are.)

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