I'm Andrew. I write about the past and future of tech, music, media, culture, art, and activism. This is my blog.

Floppycasts - 1.44MB Podcasts

I’ve been working on making podcasts and videos about old movies, and old computers, and bigfoot hunters, and people living on asteroids in outerspace, and the crew of a spaceship, and masked heroes who cut promos on one another pro-writing style. It’s fun! It’s time consuming! I have lots of half finished stuff sitting around that I’ve slowly been editing and prepping for release, and that’s got me thinking about releasing podcasts on floppy disks.

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Floppycast examples

In my previous post I talked about very low bitrate audio. I promised some examples. This post is examples. The examples are the first minute and change of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy radio show, because that’s what I had on hand. The two clips are the same length, and are presented in the absolute worst quality I was able to produce.

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Tech for the future

I’m thinking about EME and net noot and the new EU copyright directive again. And, as I always do when I get off on this topic, I’m thinking about technical solutions in addition to legal ones. Specifically, I’m thinking about technical means of fighting back against DRM, user tracking, and censorship as well as the kind of networked world I want to live in.

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Folding Bluetooth Keyboards

I used to carry a mechanical keyboard and a cheap android tablet in my bag. I used these things to write when I had a spare moment, as a way to seperate my “personal” computing from my “business” computing. For a few months, I did the same with an old DOS laptop. A sizable portion of the posts on this blog were keyed in on one of those two machines.

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