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Space Command (1953) with James Doohan

Posted: August 28, 2021

I have made no secret of my love of Space Patrol, and in fact I’ve spent dozens of hours over the last year digitizing episodes of Space Patrol which I have spoken about several times on various social media platforms. Space Patrol isn’t the only neat forgotten 50s Sci-Fi show, though. Today, I want to share an episode of, and spill a few bits about, one that doesn’t get talked about often, which gave us the first screen apperance of Star Trek’s Scotty!

Space Command!

Space Command started airing in 1953, and was the first original dramatic series from CBC TV in Canada. It’s clearly inspired by Space Patrol, but it has some unique touches of it’s own that would later be embraced by shows like Star Trek.

One episode survives that we’re aware of:

(although I’m always scouring old sci-fi kinescopes looking for another!)

More details are available on wikipedia, although not many more.

One fun fact is that this show (although not in this surviving episode) featured at least one appearance from William Shatner. Scotty and Kirk in a space show in the 50s!

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