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Shouting into The Void - Coming this fall

Shouting into the Void is a sitcom from the folks at Ellijay Makerspace about various deep space explorers, charged with building an intergalactic communications network, in a universe that has forgotten about them. They’re alone, they’re barely holding it together, and they’ve been abandoned. It’s a light comedy about a dark subject. Watch the trailer bellow.

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Better Film Preservation

Thanks to my wonderful patrons on Patreon and the support the Ellijay Makerspace, I have been able to procure some new equipment for making higher quality archival copies of 16mm films. Here’s a demo of the equipment. As you’ll see in the video, the contrast is better, the image is sharper, and the brightness is improved.

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Unreasonably Low Bitrates

I’ve been playing with encoding videos at very low bitrates. My entry in the Small File Media Festival won Lowest Bitrate, clocking in at around 30Kbps. You can see it here on archive.org as an MKV with h265 video and ogg/opus audio. It was fun, but I thought we could do better.

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Flash Gordon (1954)

Flash Gordon was a TV series for the 1954-1955 season, produced in west Berlin. The series was direct to syndication throughout many parts of the US, and specifically aired on the east coast on the DuMont Television Network. The show is now in the public domain, and about half the episodes produced are available on home video. Today, I present an episode we captured that is not available on home video

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