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Local Radio

Posted: January 28, 2022

For the last few months, I’ve been running a little internet radio station called Mountain Town Radio. To coincide with the grand opening of The Ellijay Makerspace, which will host the first live performance in several years from one of my absolute favorite musical acts, I’m launching a new radio station that plays music from (around) North GA.

Most of the music on our new Locals station was released between 2014 and today. This is not a coincidence. In 2014, some other parts of the makerspace crew and I ran a record store in Kennesaw, GA. We booked concerts at the local, all ages venue. We ran a small, embarassingly overly ambitious record label (that we’ll be reviving soon, but a little more well resourced).

My friends and I lived in this scene, participated in it, encouraged it. We were at a different live show 4 nights a week, at a minimum. We met lots of people, and even managed to keep up with some of them.

And then 2016 happened, and my world kind of tilted on it’s ear, and the whole world followed a few months later, and we mostly left the local music scene behind.

And then lots of life happened, and new bands sprung up, and the world moved on and I stopped seeing live music.

And then Covid started, and live music stopped, and we moved back home and opened a coffee shop and a maker space, and got back in touch with a bunch of musicians, and started working on re-starting our old record label.

So here we are! If you hear something you like, it’s probably on bandcamp. If you can’t find it, reach out to me and I’ll point you in the right direction. This is real independent stuff, made by real people, most of whom I’ve known personally for nearly a decade, and the folks who made it will mostly be delighted to learn that you enjoyed it.

Locals Only.

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