I'm Andrew. I write about the past and future of tech, music, media, culture, art, and activism. This is my blog.

New Ellijay TV

I’ve spent the better part of the last 6 months watching my friends build something that we’re calling New Ellijay Television. I’m really excited about it. It launches November 5th. Think about it like Public Access TV, but for the modern age.

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Expedition Sasquatch Returns

Did you know I write a podcast? It’s a comedy podcast about Jack, a man who wants to find and kill bigfoot, and all the other cryptids he finds and kills instead. It has plasma guns, and ancient magicks, and mole people, and ro-men, and a racoon in the back of a Waffle House.

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Bandcamp Friday

It’s Bandcamp Friday! That means bandcamp is giving 100% of revenue to bands! I’m a big fan of DIY media, so I wanted to take a moment to recommend some of my favorite albums on bandcamp. This list is not comprehensive, these are just some things I’ve been jamming to latetly.

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