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Giant Robot Jetpack - New from Analog Revolution

Posted: January 1, 2023

You might remember, or you might not have ever know, that I spent a few years of my life trying to run a record store and record label in Kennesaw, GA. That record label, Analog Revolution is now proudly releasing cassettes, and will soon be releasing CDs and LPs.

Above you can hear Giant Robot Jetpack, the latest album from Hurly Burly and the Volcanic Fallout. It’s available now, and I am absolutely over the moon about it. This was recorded in the studio we run at the Ellijay Makerspace. The tapes are dubbed by hand using a stereo Recordex Cassette Duplicator, also at the Makerspace, and we’re working on a line of t-shirts that we’ll silk screen (also at the makerspace!)

a1795420183_10.jpg The album art. What a cover, right?

This album is fantastic. It’s full of rampant, manic, high energy tracks that make you feel like you’re a kid again. This is not a coincidence, many of these songs were written when the performers were kids. The band is comprised of some of my dearest friends and closest co-conspiritors. The bands last show was ~10 years ago for the launch of the Analog Revolution zine (yep, it’s 10 years this year. What? How is that possible. Shit. Everything happens so much.)

Give it a listen. Buy it. Print out the album art and hang it on your wall. Reclaim the promise, energy, and fun that the world held when you were hyped up on sugar and watching cartoons in 2003 (substitute 2003 for whatever year is appropriate for you, of course.)

This is the second cassette release from Analog Revolution in the last three weeks, and there are many more coming. The venerable Doctor Deathray is running the show now, and she is not to be underestimated.

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