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Cataloging the Public Domain - PD movies I watched in 2019

As part of my Film Preservation project, I am cataloginging all the public domain movies I watched this year. This blog post is taken from a thread over on the fediverse, and expanded a bit with links and the like. What follows is a list of more than 50 movies that are in the american public domain, along with links to those movies on various platforms, a short review/synopsis, and comments on the quality of the available prints.

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Preserving old film

I make no secret of the fact that preserving old media is pretty important to me. Most of my efforts thus far have focussed on cataloging and adding metadata to the items that others have preserved, and finding the best available versions of those items. Recently, though, it has come to my attention that there is more I can do. As such, I’m undertaking a Preservation Project.

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Towel Day

[This is a thing I wrote back in May. It's sad, and deeply personal, and not at all about computers. Content Warnings for 9/11, cancer, death, eating disorders, economic strife, and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.]

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DIY convertible computing

This is a post about building your own Desktop/Portable computer. I’m presenting several options for classes of hardware and methods of interaction. This post is specifically about hardware, I might do another one about software. I’m also trying to meet some specific requirments (low weight, long battery life, ability to run emacs above all else, networking not needed), which means I will be making some suggestions and observations here that differ from what I might say in more general circumstances.

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