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Analog Revolution Mixtape #4 - Seventy-Eight Rotations Per Minute (Blues, with a dash of rock)

My New mixtape is now available from Mixcloud (it’s 45 minutes long, so you can fit it on to the A-side of a c-90.) This one features a lot of tracks from the Internet Archive’s 78 RPM collection. It’s pretty blues heavy, with a dash of Rock, a touch of Jazz, and some analog synth circa 1941. I will almost certainly follow this one up with a sequel soon. (Full track list, and sources after the jump.)

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Football 17776

I have recently encountered one of the funniest, most creative, and most moving peices of media I’ve consumed in recent memory. It’s an article titled “What Football Will Look Like in the Future.” It’s also a science fiction story about a world in which people live forever, and still act fantastically human. The story is presented from the point of view of “9”, who is hurtling through space. The whole thing wonderful, and well done, and part four is due out in a few minutes.

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