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Old Computers and gizmos for sale

Posted: May 2, 2020

I’m selling some old computers and other gizmos. I bought a coffee shop, and this will help fund our first few weeks. This is a list of the things I still have available, along with a short description. I’ll keep this up to date as things sell, and will provide additional photos upon request.

See something you need? Reach out to me on twitter, the fediverse, or send me an email (me at andrewroach.net).

Apple IIc

I have a great condition Apple IIc with carrying case, original power supply, and new power supply, a monochrome monitor, joystick, and a floppyEmu that can serve as a bootable disk for the IIc. It’s tested and working.

  • Apple IIc with carrying case, original power supply, and new power supply - $150 + shipping
  • Apple IIc monitor with stand - $150 + shipping
  • FloppyEmu with case and SD card - $125 (also tested with Mac Plus) shipped in the US
  • Infocom’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy for the Apple II, tested and working, original box and most components - $35 shipped in the US

Tandy 1000 EX

I think it’s working, but I’ve never tried to boot it up. Missing the expansion section cover, and does not have RAM expansion

$50 + shipping

Tandy 1000 HX

Definitely working, color monitor, RAM expansion, ISA to Tandy adapters, Tandy CF card hard drive, XT2IDE adapter.

$300 + Shipping

Tandy 1000 (25-1000)

I got this right before the pandemic and I haven’t turned it on yet. Includes greyscale monitor. The monitor works. I think the Tandy works. I’ll check before I ship it and come down on the price if it doesn’t.

$150 + Shipping (or best offer)


I have a couple. I’ll get rid of at least one of them. Cases are yellowed. Vintage but working power supply (which should be replaced!), and AV cables included

$150 + shipping

I also have:

  • a new power supply - $50 + shipping
  • a commodore monitor and chroma/luma cable - $100 + shipping
  • a 5 1/4 disc drive - $50 + shipping

Timex Sinclair 2068 - SOLD

Unknown working condition, no power supply. Everything on the board looks good, and it probably works, I just haven’t had time to build a PSU

(I really love this little computer and I’d like to get it working. It’s a really neat machine, and everything that is good about it is the reason it didn’t sell well and is tricky to work with today.)

– $40 + shipping – SOLD


I have two. One is working. One needs the firmware updated because it’s firmware can’t boot if the onboard clock is incorrect. I love this computer, too, and I will probably keep the working one? Maybe? I dunno.

Needs new firmware, no PSU - $50 + shipping

Working, with PSU - $100 + shipping

HP Omnibooks

I have several omnibooks. These are my favorite computers. I’ll be keeping at least one of the AA battery powered ones, and maybe one of the later ones. The early omnibooks run on AA batteries and use Compact Flash cards in PCMCIA adapters for storage. They have monochrome screens, and will run for days or even weeks on a set of rechargable AAs.

HP Omnibook 300 SOLD

This omnibook 300 is in nearly perfect cosmetic condition, with original manuals, rechargeable batteries (dead), power supply, and original box. Mouse is a little finicky sometimes. Has ROM card and CF based C drive. Runs on AA batteries.

HP Omnibook 300

The second omnibook 300 has some scuffs and is missing the battery door. Has ROM card and CF based C drive. Runs on AA batteries. No manuals, no power supply, no rechargeables, mouse is better.

$250 + shipping

HP Omnibook 425

The Omnibook 425 is in good cosmetic condition, has ROM card. No extras. I can supply a CF card for the C drive.

$325 + shipping

HP Omnibook 600

Later omnibook, does not use AAs. Dead battery. No PSU

$125 + shipping

HP Omnibook 800

Later omnibook, does not use AAs. Dead battery. PSU included. Fn key has seperated from keyboard. Is included. Could probaly be repaired easilly.

$125 + shipping


  • HP Omnibook 600 or later CD Rom Drive - $65 shipped in the US

HP 200 LX

I have one HP 200 LX (doublespeed, 8MB upgrade). It’s got some darkening around the edges of the screen, but works well and the screen is usable. Has a CF card in the PCMCIA slot with doublespeed driver. No serial cable or other accessories.

$150 + shipping

HP Omnigo

I have a couple of omnigo’s These are neat. They’re DOS machines that run GEOS, and have a touch screen. I’ll keep one. I’ll keep all of them if I can figure out a way to make them useful, but so far I haven’t made them useful.

$50, free shipping in the US.

Lexicomp Gradebook

It’s a small (slightly larger than pocket sized) IBM PC compatible computer with a full sized keyboard and PCMCIA slot. Runs on AA batteries. Has a full serial and parallel port. If I could figure out how to make it see CF cards in the PCMCIA slot, I’d keep it, but so far, I have been unsuccessful in doing so (I’ll blame time, it looks like it should be doable. I could use an SRAM card instead, allegedly it can boot from those! but that doesn’t fit my current workflow.)

$125 shipped in the US

Palm Pilots

I have a lot of late era palms, including a tapwave Zodiac 2, palm TX, e2, and lifedrive. (I love these. I’ll keep a lifedrive, but I have more than one. I might keep the Zodiac.)

Palm E2 - $50 Palm TX - $60 Palm Life Drive - $70

I have some chargers and sync cables too, but not many. $15/each.

Palm prices include shipping in the US.

Sony Mavica FD

I have the first two mavica FDs, I only need one of them. Each include new batteries, but I only have one charger.

Mavica 5 - $20 Mavica 7 - $30 Battery Charger - $10

Gateway Handbook 486

Handbook 486 + Battery Pack + charger - Runs FreeDOS from CF card. Screen is a little low contrast, common for these machines. Mouse is … finicky.


Toshiba Liberetto 50ct

I have two, I only need one.

One has windows installed, and has a docking station and Floppy drive. It’s in good cosmetic condition. $250

The other is booting FreeDOS, it is pretty banged up, and I don’t have a floppy drive for it. $140

Two video cameras from the early 80s,

Including power supplies, video output cables, and cases. One is by sony, the other is a panasonic. These are not camcorders, and do not have any onboard storage. (details on request)


Amiga 2000

with a CF card adapter (Working!) and a Video Toaster card (unknown condition, haven’t had time to track down the video toaster software to test.)

Boots, plays games, has a keyboard to ps/2 adapter and an optical mouse.

$750 + shipping

Rockgen Amiga Genlock

Cheap, basic genlock. Works with the Amiga 2000, and should work with other amigas as well. Allows you to superimpose amiga graphics over a live video stream.

$50 shipped in the US

Panasonic AV Mixer- WJ-MX10

This is a hardware video mixer, used to stabalize signals, generate special effects and transitions, and just generally manipulate multiple Composite video signals.

$175 + shipping

BASIC Engine Kits

i have … 18 or 19 BASIC Engine kits https://basicengine.org/

I have boards and all the required components. They’re unassembled, because I haven’t managed to crack surface mount soldering yet. I can do unassembled kits.

$20 shipped in the US.


I should mention I am also selling a ton of vintage toys, which I post on https://mountaintowntoys.com

If you see something you want but you don’t like my prices, let me know. I have some flex on some of them (not as much on others.)

Other Stuff

I have a lot of other electronic gizmos that I’m getting together in an attempt to sell. I’ll do another post later with ore details.

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