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Almost Silent Cinema - Vampyr (1932)

Last night I watched Vampyr, a kind of Ambient horror film from 1932. I’m still processing it, and there’s a lot to unpack. Read some of my thoughts, and watch it for yourself here.

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Silent Cinema: Our Hospitality

I couldn’t sleep last night (noticing a trend this week?) so I decided to watch Buster Keaton’s 1923 silent take on the Hatfields and the McCoys. You can watch it yourself, and read a short review here.

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Silent Cinema - The Phantom of the Opera

I couldn’t sleep Sunday night, so I watched The Phantom of the Opera and ended up on a deep dive in to the history of the film, and it’s place in old Hollywood lore. What follows are links to watch both major versions of the movie, a discussion of the history and preservation status of the print, a brief synopsis, and a small review. Dig in, this is a fun one.

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Cataloging the Public Domain - PD movies I watched in 2019

As part of my Film Preservation project, I am cataloginging all the public domain movies I watched this year. This blog post is taken from a thread over on the fediverse, and expanded a bit with links and the like. What follows is a list of more than 50 movies that are in the american public domain, along with links to those movies on various platforms, a short review/synopsis, and comments on the quality of the available prints.

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