I'm Andrew. I write about the past and future of tech, music, media, culture, art, and activism. This is my blog.

Towel Day

[This is a thing I wrote back in May. It's sad, and deeply personal, and not at all about computers. Content Warnings for 9/11, cancer, death, eating disorders, economic strife, and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.]

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DIY convertible computing

This is a post about building your own Desktop/Portable computer. I’m presenting several options for classes of hardware and methods of interaction. This post is specifically about hardware, I might do another one about software. I’m also trying to meet some specific requirments (low weight, long battery life, ability to run emacs above all else, networking not needed), which means I will be making some suggestions and observations here that differ from what I might say in more general circumstances.

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Expedition Sasquatch - A comedy podcast about a bigfoot hunter

Expedition Sasquatch, a comedy podcast about a southern gentleman who hunts bigfoot and tries to use a Tandy 1000 HX, is now available. We’re still waiting on all the various podcast aggregators to throw their stamp of approval on it, but you can subscribe now from the homepage linked above. I had a ton of fun making this, and I’m really excited to share the subsequent episodes. And the ogg file linked is ogg/opus, which comes in under 1.44mb, making this my first official FloppyCast.

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Floppycasts - 1.44MB Podcasts

I’ve been working on making podcasts and videos about old movies, and old computers, and bigfoot hunters, and people living on asteroids in outerspace, and the crew of a spaceship, and masked heroes who cut promos on one another pro-writing style. It’s fun! It’s time consuming! I have lots of half finished stuff sitting around that I’ve slowly been editing and prepping for release, and that’s got me thinking about releasing podcasts on floppy disks.

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