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Jazz Noir - Speaking of Happiness - Gloria Lynne

I’m always on the lookout for songs that sound like they belong in the soundtracks of Noir films set in smokey nightclubs. When I heard Speaking Of Happiness on the Resistance Radio soundtrack, it was exactly the kind of song I was looking for. I did some digging, and I was able to find the original rendition by an artist named Gloria Lynne.

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Bourgeois King from Canyons of my Mind by Andrew Combs

You know what you need in your life? A swamp-rock protest song, with strong country and jazz influences. Something like Bourgeois King from Canyons of my Mind by Andrew Combs. Seriously, this thing has it all. It’s a foot-stomping, barn burning rock song, with guitars that sound like Lousiana or Texas garage, but then you notice the complex instrumentation (there’s some overblown jazz flute!), and the lyrical content that is very much not typical of southern rock. It’s wonderful! Listen:

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