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Stuff to Read

If you’re looking at the news of the last week with tired eyes and a heavy heart, you need books. Books fix things, and make them worse. This is a quick list of some books and short stories that might make you feel differently.

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Actual Nazi Steve Rogers: How to Save the American Superhero

With this morning’s news about BREXIT, and the ever forward march of racist nationalism, I decided it was time to talk about Captain America. Steve Rogers, the man most people know as Captain America, is a HYDRA Agent/Nazi. This is now part of the official marvel canon. As you can imagine, this has made a lot of people angry, and has widely been regarded as a bad move.

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A Game Of Tiny Monsters

Ideas happen to me almost compulsively. If you’ve ever spent much time talking to a writer, you’ve probably heard something like “I hate writing, but I NEED to do it. I don’t feel right until it’s done.” Project planning (and execution) is more or less the same for me. It’s something I can’t help but do. To that end, a few weeks ago, I mapped out a project that has some superficial similarities to Pokemon Go, but is really something different, and in no way infringes on Nintendo’s copyright. You know you gotta know more.

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