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Analog Revolution Put on a Show - July 22nd, 2023

Posted: July 30, 2023

On July 22nd 2023, Analog Revolution gathered a horde of freaks, punks, anarchists, communists, witches, wizards, and emotionally stunted weirdos, and our little impromptu band of misfits descended on the usually respectable Gilmer Arts Playhouse in Ellijay, Georgia.

We put on a show, with Rat Babies, Piece, and Doctor Deathray. The show is a mishmash of doomy, sludgey, loud metal; grunge tinged emo, and blistering blues rock. We captured the whole thing using a camera from 1974, and we live streamed it here for New Ellijay Television.


What you’re able to watch here is the results of that live stream. Eventually, a much nicer version will get uploaded, with video produced by a camera released in this millennium and Stereo audio. If you want to wait for that, instead of watching this smeary, mono mess, you’re welcome to. You’re a coward, but you’re welcome to be a coward.


The audio clips occasionally, especially during the Rat Babies set. Rat Babies produced one of the loudest performances I’ve ever heard. We almost certainly made the neighbors angry. This is good.


So come revel with us in the joy of loud, aggressive, and occasionally sloppy rock and/or roll. You could do a lot worse with your Sunday Morning.

You can watch this show, and all our concerts on New Ellijay Television.

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