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Space Patrol - The World Beyond The Moon - Made for TV Movie

Posted: September 19, 2021

This is a Fun one! A made-for-tv Feature Film comprised of 3 episodes of Space Patrol from 1954. (see bellow for the full details on the episodes.) This kind of thing was pretty common in the 60s, with Rocky Jones Space Ranger receiving this treatment several times, but I’ve never seen it done for Space Patrol.

The end result is pretty good, when taken in context. Space Patrol was, of course, a live show. The special effects were done in camera, everything was done in one continuous take.

The fact that it produced anything watchable, much less something that approximates a feature film is astounding.

I really enjoyed this. the transfer is a little soft around the edges, but that appears to be a defect in the original film, and not an artifact of our transfer processm, but otherwise it looks Wonderful.

The special effects and model shots in this episode are Astounding, and really drive home what made Space Patrol such a beloved show.

Portions of these episodes are available in varying quality around the web, but I’m fairly certain this is the first time that the Feature Length version (which, frankly, has only the smallest of differences from the TV version) has ever been made available online.

Details on the episodes taken from The Solar Guard

#189 “THE GIANTS OF PLUTO III” October 2, 1954

Suspicious happenings on the third satelIite of the planet Pluto come under the scrutiny of Buzz Corry. Buzz and Happy soon meet with trouble at the hands of Dr. Frederic Kurt, undersize operator of a sanitarium for rundown citizens of the universe and his pack of oversize puppets. In fact, Buzz and Happy are startled to find that their fellow officer, Major Robbie Robertson is also under the doctor’s influence.

#190 “THE FIERY PIT OF PLUTO III” October 9, 1954

Determined to bring the evil Doctor Frederic Kurt to justice because of his practice of converting his patients into giant, robot-like slaves, Buzz and Happy are hampered by the very zombie like creatures they are trying to save. The two Space Patrollers attempt to overcome the zombies without harming them, only to wind up as candidates for a bath in a pool of molten rock.

#191 “MANHUNT ON PLUTO III” October 16, 1954

Having reconverted all but one of Doctor Kurt’s zombies into the normal humans that they were originally, Commander Buzz Corry and Cadet Happy turn their attentions to the task of corralling the evil scientist. But thanks to his one remaining giant slave, Dr. Kurt is able to escape from Buzz and Happy. The two Space Patrolmen become the hunted, rather than the hunters. Their plight appears hopeless when Kurt and his stooge, Atlas, trap them in a deep canyon that offers no means of escape.

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