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Status Update

Posted: June 17, 2018

As I mentioned previously, we bought a house and moved to the North GA mountains. We’re home and mostly settled, I am finding a good rhythm with my new job, and with life in the country. Things are good!

We still don’t have internet at home. There have been several false starts on that front, and I assume it will be next week before we finally get it sorted out. This, plus a general exhaustion from moving and starting a new job, is the reason for the recent drop off in posting frequency.

But no longer!

I have a new Planet Computers Gemini, and I plan to give it a trial run as a blogging machine. So far so good.

Planned blog topics for the coming weeks:

  • Gopher stuff
  • An update on my DOS workstation
  • lots of talk about my new Mac Plus and associated accesories
  • A Brief History of the Future
  • Next steps for Analog Revolution
  • Space LARP Coffee Shop

And, I’m sure, plenty of public domain and CC media blogging, because that is important, and that is what I am thinking about right now.

It should be fun!

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