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Shouting into The Void - Coming this fall

Posted: September 12, 2021

Shouting into the Void is a sitcom from the folks at Ellijay Makerspace about various deep space explorers, charged with building an intergalactic communications network, in a universe that has forgotten about them. They’re alone, they’re barely holding it together, and they’ve been abandoned. It’s a light comedy about a dark subject. Watch the trailer bellow.

[[CW for strong language]]

The show is licensed CC-BY-SA (4.0), and all the assets and associated media that make up each episode will be made available along side each release (through a project that isn’t quite ready for public consumption yet.)

If you’ve been following me for a while, you might remember lots of discussion around a different Sci-Fi series. It is my hope that we’ll be able to use Shouting into the Void as a testbed and springboard in to that larger, and significantly more ambitious project.

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