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Remember the Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon?

Posted: May 23, 2024

I had mostly forgotten about the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon until earlier today when someone uploaded a fan made conclusion to the series to the peertube instance I run. It ain’t bad! And then I discovered that the rest of the series is currently on the Internet Archive.

The Full series:

The Fan Finale

Now, as with all things on the internet archive, this could disappear at basically any time. Do with that information what you feel you should. I also don’t know if the uploader had permission to share the fan film on our peertube instance, or if the people who made the fan film had permission to make the thing, so it could disappear at any time too. It’s pretty easy to download things from peertube, so you should if you get the chance.

I love Fan Films, I think they’re neat. I wish it was easier to find the same kinds of productions being done for original works. (Well, really, I wish the modern copyright racket wasn’t so horribly broken when it came to derrivitive works. It’d be great if these kinds of things could just be unambiguously legal, instead of existing in a kind of “mostly okay, but don’t piss us off or we’ll take it down” precarity.

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