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R-COIL continues the legacy of Vector Arcade Games

Posted: August 9, 2017

R-Coil is now on kickstarter. It’s a beautiful, Vector Style arcade game, with some interesting powerups, a killer co-op mode, an awesome duel mode, and one of the most innovative game mechanics I have seen in an arcade space shooter.

A malfunction with your experimental R-COIL engine has torn a hole in reality and you have fallen through it. You find yourself under attack by a horde of unfamiliar and hostile creatures. Your main thruster and weapons systems have been fused and your stabilizer is offline; you cannot fire your weapons without moving. Will you find your way home, or will you die trying?


The developer is working to get the game on Steam. It’s currently available through itch.io, and under constant development.

I’ve played the itch.io version, and I gotta say, it’s a lot of fun, especially as a multi-player duel/party game.

R-Coil is really pretty. It pays clear homage to classics like Asteroids and Star Castle, while clearly bringing something new to the table.

Go check it out!

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