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Posted: June 7, 2016

I’m moving to Washington, DC or there abouts. I’m officially looking for work in the district. (or, I guess, in Baltimore? Or in Silver Spring?) I’m excited, and more than a little terrified. Full details below.

Amber, my lovely fiancé, was offered a nice job with her company managing the DC district. She and I have always talked about living in that area, so she took it without hesitation. I’m terribly proud of her.

I was anticipating being able to continue to work with my current employer as a remote employee. It was indicated to me that this was the prefered option all around. As of yesterday, someone in the chain of command has changed their mind. I now have three weeks (more or less) to find a job in Washington, DC.

I’ve never really looked for work. My first non-grocery employer was found through the traditional freelancer’s grind (which is to say, I was a customer at a small business and I have a gift for gab.) My second job in my field was found through a family friend. For my current role, I was approached by a recruiter.

So… I’m a little out of my depth. I’m applying for stuff in my field.

Any tips?

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