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Improved Transfer - Flash Gordon - The Underwater Menace

Posted: September 17, 2021

We’ve re-captured this previously unavailable episode of Flash Gordon, you can watch it here looking better than ever.

In my last post on Flash Gordon I said:

This episode, more than most film we’ve captured recently, highlights some of the problems that our current transfer method encounters. I have recently ordered a new Telecine, and this will be the first film to run through our new transfer equipment when that arrives in a few weeks. When that’s done, I’ll post a comparison, and maybe a walkthrough of the two pieces of equipment.

And I did. The video comparison is on peertube and archive.org, and the new transfer is embedded above (and will be on archive.org this weekend.)

I’m uploading our TV and film transfers to peertube, with 1 week of early access for patrons on Patreon, after which they’ll be public on patreon and on peertube. Once a month or so, I upload everything we’ve digitized so far to Archive.org.

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