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Episode 10 released of 研究 戦隊 ポッドキャスト レンジャー - Kenkyuu Sentai Podcast Rangers

Posted: May 23, 2024

I’ve been working on a podcast about Power Rangers and Super Sentai for a few months now, and I’m having a blast working on it. Episode ten is out now, and I think it’s the best one we’ve released so far. If you’d like to listen to the audio version, you can subscribe to Kenkyuu Sentai Podcast Rangers from New Ellijay Television. We post transcripts, but they’re delayed by about two weeks. You can find KSPR Transcripts on New Ellijay Television. If you’d like to watch the video version, which is much better, it’s embedded here:

Or you can watch it on our Video on Demand site

The theme song of KSPR is Collosal Might by Hurly Burly and the Volcanic Fallout.

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