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Them - Self Titled (1970, post Van Morison)

In 1964 Them released Gloria and changed the face of garage rock forever. In 1966 Van Morrison (the lead singer and principal songwriter of Them) left the band to persue a solo career. In 1970 Jerry Cole joined Them, and together they released what is probably their best album, even though no one was paying attention.

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Dennis Wilson - Pacific Ocean Blue // Bambu

If you know any of the Wilson brothers, it’s probably Brian Wilson. Brian was the brain behind the Beach Boys’ most well remembered albums. Dennis, though, released an excelent solo album in 1977, and he was working on a follow up when he passed away in 1983.

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Astro Sounds from beyond the year 2000

Yesterday was Record Store Day. This was my first Record Store Day as a consumer, rather than a worker. It was a lot of fun! One of the releases I picked up was called Astro Sounds from Beyond the Year 2000. I hadn’t gone in looking for it, but it was pretty hard to pass up based on the title and the cover art.

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Space Patrol (1950)

The name Space Patrol has been used by more than a few series over the years. Earlier, I wrote about Space Patrol Orion, which is an awesome show and worth paying attention to. But it isn’t my favorite show to carry the Space Patrol monkier. That honor belongs to the original Space Patrol from 1950.

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