I'm Andrew. I write about the past and future of tech, music, media, culture, art, and activism. This is my blog.

A Radio Link to the Past

Recently, I set up an Internet Radio Station featuring music from Archive.Org’s Great 78 project. While putting that together, it occured to me that a few of my relatives would absolutely adore a way to experience this music, but the quirks of media streaming seem to have left most of them behind. So, for the Holidays this year, I decided to make some Radios. Well, not Radios, but something Radio adjacent. A little box that endlessly loops through 5000+ songs from Archive.org’s Great 78 Project, while being simple enough for even the least technologically inclined members of my family to figure it out.

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A Hi-Fi Digital Audio Player for Your Home Stereo

I am building a home stereo digital media player. Specifically, a small, sleek box with two wires coming out of it that I can sit next to my turntable, and plug in to my amp. It will have wifi, and will work as a dlna/UPnP receiver, so that I can cast music to it from my media server using my phone, a laptop, a desktop, or a tablet.

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