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Star Trek (TNG) Your Life

So here we are, someone finally made a decent LCARS interface for the Raspberry Pi. Check the code out on Github, and then decide what you’re going to build it in to. Check out a video of the system in action below.

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Silent Cinema: The Astronomer's Dream

117 years after it was originally released, my buddy Wesley wrote and recorded a new score for the Georges Méliès sci-fi short film The Astronomer’s Dream. It’s part of an ongoing project, in which I’m working with local musicians and videographers to revitalize and rescore vintage films. I’m really pleased with this score, and the ultimate film is fantastic.

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Digital Publishing: Making RSS Suck Less

Magazines are rad, especially the weird counter-culture zines that gave rise to websites like BoingBoing. A lot of early blogs and online publications were born directly out of Zine culture, and most digital publications still operate under at least some of the same paradigms as traditional publishing. One of the earliest victories for the young web was RSS, a way to subscribe to blogs and websites that mirrored the idea of (but was fundamentally removed from) traditional magazine subscriptions.

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Lost Pig - A Journey of Discovery

I’m a huge fan of modern Interactive Fiction, and I love it’s cheesy roots. This story does a great job of melding the two in to something worth playing. Become Grunk, a troll in search of a lost pig, in this great little piece of Interactive Fiction.

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Angband: Gaming like it's 1980

Angband is a sprawling rogue-like adventure game that has been under steady development since some point in the 80s. It’s massive, ugly, difficult, and a great way to lose an entire weekend. Simply put, it’s one of the most intense, difficult RPGs that you’ll ever encounter.

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