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Hamburger Helper and the Future of Branding and Marketing

Hamburger Helper released a mixtape called Watch the Stove. It’s 5 surprisingly good tracks from some up and coming artists. The songs run the gamut from radio friendly to experimental and introspective. The only real common thread between them is that, lyrically, they’re all about Hamburger Helper. Now, if this sounds like nonsense to you, you wouldn’t be alone, but I recommend you give it a listen.

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3D Hub

I recently had cause to get some 3D printing done. After getting a quote from Shapeways (DAMN!) I turned to 3D hubs, and found local folks who have gone above and beyond in the service of my project.

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100+ Year Old Electric Cars (or execution is everything)

The first electric car was developed in 1830. The first internal combustion car came in the late 1880s, nearly 60 years later. In 1905, there were more than 450,000 cars in the US. The majority of these cars were Electric or Steam powered, with a small number of Gasoline powered cars. Electric cars were prized for their reliability, comfort, and efficiency. The electric car was, essentially, the best vehicle on the market for most uses up through 1920.

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"You can't do it all" - Or can you?

My whole life, I’ve been called scatterbrained. I’m constantly accused of leaving too many things unfinished, of doing too many things in half measures. I’ve been told my whole life that I need to focus on one thing, specialize, and work faster. I have thoughts on this. Mostly, these thoughts are some variation on: “That’s dumb” and “Why the hell would I change for you?”

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