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DIY Media

Comcast (through merger with GE/NBC/Universal), Viacom, Disney (who now controls most of Newscorp/Fox’s media), CBS, and Time Warner currently control 90% of American media. This media oligopoly is more dangerous than we often give it credit for. These five companies exert incredible power over our modern political landscape. (They are responsible for things like the DMCA, and the TPP, EME, and today’s Net Neutrality decision, in addition to our ever increasing copyright terms.)

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Elliott Smith Live at The Tabernacle on 2000-10-21

I was too young to see Elliot Smith before he passed away in 2004, but thanks to the wonders of technology, the great folks at the Internet Archive, and the kindness of Smith and his estate, I can enjoy and share with you this performance he gave in Atlanta in 2000.

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