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Analog Revolution Mixtape #4 - Seventy-Eight Rotations Per Minute (Blues, with a dash of rock)

Posted: August 18, 2017

My New mixtape is now available from Mixcloud (it’s 45 minutes long, so you can fit it on to the A-side of a c-90.) This one features a lot of tracks from the Internet Archive’s 78 RPM collection. It’s pretty blues heavy, with a dash of Rock, a touch of Jazz, and some analog synth circa 1941. I will almost certainly follow this one up with a sequel soon. (Full track list, and sources after the jump.)


  1. David Miranda (The Imperial) and The Plagues - Gloria - This is a Killer spanish language cover of Them’s Gloria
  2. Hot Lips Page and his Orchestra - St. James Infirmary - Super Jazzy rendition, with horns and stuff
  3. David Miranda (The Imperial) and The Plagues - Es Lupe - This is the b-side to the Gloria cover above, and a cover of Hang On Sloopy.
  4. Memphis Slim and the House Rockers - Havin’ Fun- Stone cold piano based blues
  5. Lee Kane - 1/2 Past 17 (1/4 to Twenty-One) - Jumpy rockabilly tune. Silly, but with some good licks.
  6. Manzie Harris and his Band - “Blues In The Morning” - Blues; Killer horn solo; Recorded circa 1950.
  7. Lead Belly with Woody Guthrie - Stewball - That’s Fuckin’ right. Woody Guthrie and Lead Belly, together. Every new thing I learn about Woody Guthrie makes me love him a little more, and I’m so glad he did this colab. (It’s Folk/Country blues, very primitive, lots of shouting. Best song you’ll ever hear about a horse.
  8. Josh White and his Guitar - House Of The Rising Sun - Made famous 20 years later by The Animals, here’s blues singer (civil rights leader, alleged communist, and general badass) Josh White covering this classic ballad in 1942
  9. Lead Belly - New Black Snake Moan - Straight blues, from the master.
  10. Lead Belly - De Kalb Blues - Same as above, only more so. (A re-recording of a song Lead Belly recorded for Alan Lomax while he was in Prison in the 30s)
  11. Leon Jessel Collins H. Driggs - Parade of The Wooden Soldiers - Early Analog Synth (Novachord) in full force here. Probably the first polyphonic synth
  12. Memphis Slim and the House Rockers - Slim’s Blues - Slow, melencholy, sharp blues. Interesting arangement.
  13. Lead Belly - The Boll Weevil - My personal favorite Lead Belly track
  14. Josh White - St. James Infirmary - Here’s Josh White’s take on Saint James Infirmary, slower, more cathartic.
  15. Bulee Gaillard and his Southern Fried Orchestra - Taxpayers’ Blues - A bouncing R and B track about the pains of paying taxes

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